shining like a fiery beacon.

shining like a fiery beacon (AO3 link)
Harry/Zayn, Harry/OMC. Prequel to pretty from afar, like a dark star, from Harry's POV.
warning: physical abuse.
note: Yeah, the OMC in this is based on exactly who you think. Sorry. And this 'verse is so dark and fucked-up, IDEK anymore. I'm rolling with it. There probably will be more (from Zayn's POV?) soon.

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pretty from afar, like a dark star.

pretty from afar, like a dark star (AO3 link)
Harry/Louis, Liam/Zayn, Harry/Zayn. High school/rock band AU. Because Harry is dangerous, he knows this, he's unpredictable and a little bit crazy and Louis has never been around someone so magnetic before.
warning: mentions of past abuse.
soundtrack: Listen here. Blue Jeans is kind of the ~official theme song of this fic though.

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just a mess with a name and the price.

just a mess with a name and the price
Harry/Louis. Harry falls into addiction and depression and Louis stays with him through it all.
warnings: drug addiction, depression, attempted suicide.
notes: This is pretty messed-up and probably doesn't make much sense. I'm really not an expert on any of this, so sorry for anything that's terribly unrealistic. (Also, listen to Constant Conversations, which is pretty much the inspiration for this whole thing, and Without You.)

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