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- Captain³ (Steven Gerrard/David Beckham/John Terry)
- Atene '07 (Xabi Alonso/Kakà)
- Through The Avenues (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Tectonics (John Terry/Steven Gerrard)
- Feeling-up And Feeling Down and sequel, Misunderstandings (Cristiano Ronaldo/Tomas Rosicky; Tomas Rosicky/Aleksandr Hleb, Robin van Persie/Cesc Fàbregas)
- Five conversations Kakà's had with Ronaldo that he was grateful for (Kakà/Cristiano Ronaldo; Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Honey, Our Blueprints Seem To Be Compatible (sequel to This Cruel World) (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Five ways they tried to explain it (with detached, pseudo-serious demeanors) (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- La Sequenza (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Five reasons why the Spanish National Team are happy to have Cesc (although they'll never admit it) (Cesc Fàbregas)
- Change (Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres)
- Ghostwriter (Xabi Alonso/Frank Lampard)
- Coexistencias (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres)
- Look Like We Feel (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Transience (Steven Gerrard/David Beckham/John Terry)
- Chain Reaction (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Untitled (Steven Gerrard, Andriy Shevchenko)
- Three Stories (Iker Casillas/David Beckham)
- Let The Rain Come Down (Xabi Alonso, Kakà)
- 2014 (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Still (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Inverted (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- 86 (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- The Deleted Scene (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Without Bound (Steven Gerrard)
- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Love On The Cartesian Plane (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Running South (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- What Are You Afraid Of? (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko, Iker Casillas/David Beckham)
- Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight (Daniel Agger/Fernando Torres)
- Twenty-two Love Stories and companion, Five stories Sheva doesn't mean to tell Kakà (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- Clockwork (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- How To End A Five-Year-Long Conversation (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Inequalities (sequel to Compare/Contrast) (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- 22 (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Passersby (Iker Casillas/David Beckham)
- Four ways Kakà changed Cristiano (for the better) without knowing it, and one way Cristiano changed Kakà (probably not for the better) on purpose
- Winter Lives In My Bones (Kakà/Andriy Shevchenko)
- (Your Heart Is) As Red As Mine and (We Share) The Same Red Soul (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Five things Xabi wants to tell Stevie and Five things Stevie wants to tell Xabi (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Shoulder To Shoulder On The Edge Of The World (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Misplacement (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres)
- Won't You Be My Solid Ground?, and All Of Our Moments Stolen, and And quietly gets swallowed by a wave (Jon Alonso/Luca Leite)
- Always Leaving, But (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- All my love was down, in a frozen ground (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- We're leaving some things unsaid (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Five times Cesc made Fernando shut up (at least for a while) (Cesc Fàbregas/Fernando Torres)
- Five Crazy Things Xabi Did (+ Bonus Crack Version)
- Turn Your Face To The Sun (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- All or Nothing (Daniel Agger/Fernando Torres)
- Throw your soul through every open door (John Terry, Andriy Shevchenko, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard)
- Two steps forward and one away (Frank Lampard/John Terry, Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Hide from the light (Steven Gerrard/Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres)
- An Education (Conor Coady/Suso)
- Five ways Fernando Torres will always regret this
- We'll give ourselves new names (identities erased) (Fernando Torres/Fernando Llorente)
- Tired and wired, we ruin too easy (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- Mistaken for strangers (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- there is a light if you'd follow me there (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso)
- keep none for myself (Steven Gerrard)

Panic! at the Disco
- Here Comes The Sun (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie)
- Fire breathe me back to life (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie)
- drums of the city rain (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie)

The Social Network
- The Shape of the Storm (Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin)
- Grow from the inside, destroy from the inside (Crossover with Inception - Eduardo/Arthur)
- Halfway Out The Dark (sequel to The Shape of the Storm) (Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin)
- Truth, Refresh My Broken Mind (Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin)
- Sparking Opposite Ends (Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin)
- Five happy endings Mark and Eduardo never had (and one they did)

- Soft and Bright (Dean/Castiel)
- Sleeping Lessons (Dean/Castiel)
- Shattered surface, so imperfect (Dean/Castiel)
- Where the current and the heavens collide (Dean/Castiel)
- Break the Sky (Dean/Castiel)
- We will not let time erase us (Crossover with Doctor Who - Dean Winchester, Amy Pond)
- Four almosts and one first (Dean/Castiel)
- In the light of day (Dean/Castiel)
- I saw you first (it was in a dream) (Dean/Castiel)
- You are my home (Dean/Castiel)
- All the roads that lead us there were winding (Dean/Castiel)
- Alone Together (Dean/Castiel)
- now the lights are fading faster (Dean/Castiel)
- darkness swallows a dying star (Dean/Castiel)
- lend you broken parts that might fit (Dean/Castiel)
- see it with the lights out (Dean/Castiel)
- held yourself up to the light (Dean/Castiel)
- some turn to dust or to gold (Dean/Castiel)

Star Trek RPF
- Surface Tension (Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto)
- Half-awake and almost there (Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto)

One Direction
- Restore me, restore life the way it should be (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Hold without touch (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- Set all my regrets on fire (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Be still and know I am (Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson)
- Just to break my fall (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Learn how to bend without the world caving in (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne)
- Wished upon parallel lines (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- Always holding on to stars (sequel to Set all my regrets on fire) (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- Promises, swear them to the sky (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- I think I love you better now (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Tell me nothing will ruin us (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Live through this disguise (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- Shadow days are over (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Will Tomlinson/Ed Styles)
- Now my feet won't touch the ground (Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson)
- Just a mess with a name and the price (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Free falling (Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson)
- Pretty from afar, like a dark star (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- Shining like a fiery beacon (prequel to Pretty from afar, like a dark star) (Harry Styles/Zayn Malik, Harry Styles/OMC)
- All at once (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Romantic and drenched in sin (Harry Styles/Niall Horan, Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson)
- Collecting dust but our love's enough (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- Five times Liam and Zayn saved Louis' life (figuratively or literally) (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson)
- My bones have found a place (Liam Payne/Zayn Malik, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- we've not yet lost all our graces (Harry Styles/Zayn Malik)
- chasing the light until the dawn (Harry Styles/Zayn Malik)
- be my home (just for the day) (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- one day the blood won't flow so gladly (Harry Styles/Zayn Malik)
- (break me) like a promise (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne/Zayn Malik)
- our endless numbered days (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)
- hold all our secrets (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
- a circuit of consciousness (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes)

Harry Potter
- shadows taller than our souls (Remus Lupin/Sirius Black)

Hemlock Grove
- save your heart for mine (Roman Godfrey/Peter Rumancek)

The Raven Cycle
- steal me away with your eyes and your mouth (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- said your name in an empty room (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- as loud as my heart (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- all the ashes in my wake (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- waltz through my bloodstream (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- under me you so quite new (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- between the daylight and the deep sea (Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish)
- keep you inside my lungs (Adam Parrish/Richard Gansey III)

(Everything worth reading will also probably be posted at AO3 eventually.)


- Better Things - A Liverpool FC Mix
- Set Fire To The Rain - A Mark/Eduardo Mix
- I've Always Been A Dreamer - A Jon/Luca Playlist
- We Found Each Other In The Dark - A Dean/Castiel Mix
- Your Love Is Gonna Drown (Part I) & I thought I felt your touch (but the water's rising up) (Part II) - A Dean/Castiel Mix
- You Made a Slow Disaster Out of Me - A Sherlock/John Mix
- Burn Brighter Than the Sun - A Harry/Louis Mix
- Four Years Gone - A Ryan/Brendon Mix
- Darkness Becomes Me - A Dark!Stiles Mix
- I Had All The Stars With You - A Scott & Stiles Mix
- Guns And Steel / And The Germs Of Love - A Winter Soldier Mix
- Need You Like Water In My Lungs - A Dean/Castiel Mix
- Ten Years - A Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso Mix
- Supernatural Greatest Hits
- So what, you got a crew? I got a crew too - Bandom Greatest Hits (2005-2009)
- Shooting Stars, Crashing Cars - A Ronan Lynch Mix
- Don't You Mourn the Sun - A Richard Gansey III Mix

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